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Project Choice

An open-call digital charity
zine for healthcare access
& reproductive rights


On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, declaring that the constitutional right to abortion no longer exists. This ruling will also affect access to contraceptives, life-saving treatments, family planning services, and other protections—particularly for those living in poverty, who are BIPOC, and/or who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.Project Choice is not only a response to this attack on human rights but it is also a way to show our support for healthcare access & reproductive services. We will eventually vote on which nonprofit we will contribute to via the finalized zine launch.

Pro-Choice is Pro-Life


Do we have to get our ideas approved before we start on them?

Nope! However, it must adhere to our Submission Guidelines. If we feel your piece does not meet these standards, you will be asked to edit and resubmit these changes.

Can we include fanart in our submissions?

We only ask that original artwork is included in this zine due to DMCA.

When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, November 1st at 11:59pm EST.

For additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask us in the Discord server our Tumblr, or email us at [email protected].



TaskDue Date
Interest CheckCLOSED
Mod ApplicationsAug 5, 2022
Mod Application ResultsAug 7, 2022
Contributor Submissions CloseNov 1, 2022
Submission Review EmailsNov 8, 2022
Submission EditsNov 22, 2022
Formatting & Editing~Dec 2022 - Mar 2023
Release of PDF/Digital FormatMay 2023

Rachel 🌱


Project Host & Finance Mod

Hello! I'm Rachel and I'm a web & graphic designer, illustrator, musician, and activist.When I'm not working, I enjoy snuggling with my two cats, playing piano, and reading a good book curled up with a cup of tea.

Victor Hannibal 🌶️


Graphic Design Mod

Hi there, I'm Victor, a horror writer and pixel artist! I love taking part in zines, in pretty much any capacity.I'm from the UK (living in Wales), big into cult video games, graphic novels, and horror movies.

Charlotte 🩻

any pronouns

Social Media Mod

Hello! I’m Charlotte but I also go by Charlie too! I’m a writer and a violinist!



Assistant Graphic
Design Mod

Hi! I’m a published author but i can’t tell you about it. 👀I've also been in fandom for almost three decades and I’m still emotional about it even now. Never let it be said that middle-aged women can’t still love shipping ridiculous characters.

Zan or Goat 🐐


Art Mod

I am a graduate with a BFA in Digital Art and a double minor in Creative Writing and Popular Culture! I am currently engaged and live with my fiancé and our two cats!I stream on Twitch every now and then! Mostly it’s just games, but sometimes I stream art. I also watch a lot of anime and read a lot of books! I’m always down for recommendations! I’m also a huge foodie, Lebanese and Italian being my favorites since my family is a mix of Syrian and Sicilian.

Jillian 🎨


Art Mod

I am a Canadian artist and animator. I spent my time drawing and volunteering at local poverty alleviation centres.When I'm not drawing or volunteering, I'm working on job applications.

Keri ☕


Accessibility Mod

Hi! I'm Keri aka Cuppa Keri. I'm an illustrator and designer from Upstate NY.My hobbies include illustrating, clay art, watching my friends streams, reading fantasy fiction and non-fiction on healing, hanging out with my partner and daughter, creating playlists on iTunes and Spotify, and playing games such as Sims 4 and ACNH.

Mibyle 🍀


Accessibility Mod

Hi! I'm a disabled indie game artist and illustrator from France. I’m also a musician and have a background in social sciences.

Janina 🌈


Writing Mod

Hello, I'm Janina! In addition to my day job behind a desk, crunching numbers, I'm an avid reader, sometimes writer, and beta in every fandom I find
myself in.



Research Mod

Hi! My name is Ringo and I’m one of the research mods! I’m really passionate about science and biology as well as patient care and reproductive justice. I’m hoping to use those passions to help ensure and spread accurate information about reproductive choices.I’m a certified scuba diver and a beekeeper! I’m also pretty into cross stitch.

Headshot illustration of Ringo

(Icon by pepperjackets).